A Review from the Field

RICHARD SORIN, Owner and Founder of SORINEX, INC. sent us this AMAZING review from the field. Mr. Sorin left his gun in his tree stand with our WATERPROOF GUN COVER and came back in the morning to see how well his RAIN-BUDDY GUN COVER held up. He said:

After two days in field with frost each morn and night my favorite gun was clean, no condensation, protected fully ready for instant action. Leaving gun in stand overnight eliminated fogging and noise. The scent of the household was eliminated and the rain buddy package was part of the sights and smells of environment. A full tag resulted in being prepared with "fine tuning" my gear with the Rain Buddy, a USA made product. The long dust free ride back on the four wheeler was an asset to be better prepared for my following next hunt. Thank you! 

We here at RAIN-BUDDY would like to thank MR. SORIN for testing out his Rain-Buddy and sending us his review and photos! Check out his pictures below: