Backpack Hunting

Backpack hunting is a physical sport, and being physically fit can make the camping trip a great experience! The weight of your gear is a big factor no matter if you are going by horse, transporter/packer services or an expensive float plane charter.

One main concern, is how to protect your long gun on such trips. You can lighten your pack and keep your optics protected from the snow and rain with a lightweight, packable waterproof gun cover made by Rain Buddy. It only weighs 2 ounces and folds and fits in your jeans pocket. Constructed of Dupont Nylon, it protects from dings and the 100% porosity of the nylon keeps out dust from the trail. It easily slips on and off with a convenient zipper at the butt end.

Whether you are flying over big horn territory, hiking for bear or moose or just riding your ATV on your ranch, this soft gun cover for the field is a must on your gear list.